Backpacking Asia: How to Travel Frugally

One of the things that you probably promised to do this year is to start saving. However, one of the goals you probably set for 2017 is to travel more and see the world. Both are good, but aren’t they conflicting? Not really, if you know a thing about frugal traveling. This doesn’t mean you’ll sleep and shower at airports or eat crap throughout your trip. This basically means you get the best value for your money and not spend much for nonessentials.

There is renewed appreciation for Asia among budget travelers and backpackers. The continent is rich in tradition, natural wonders, and is significantly cheaper than the rest of the world. You’d be surprised of how much an Asian tour would cost compared to a trip to Europe or the Americas.

If you’re planning to visit Asia this year, be smart and be wise. Know how you can save money when traveling to Asia, while spending nothing but time and gaining new experiences.

Plan early and plan ahead

Top Tips for a Successful Australian Road Trip

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Australia is quite possibly the best place on the planet for a road trip. The country is vast, beautiful and often surprising, with long stretches of open road and plenty of interesting attractions along the way, after all.

If you’re planning an Australian road trip anytime soon, and you want to enjoy all of the good things about Australia (Ayer’s Rock, the people, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House) without any of the drawbacks of a poorly planned trip, here are some tips for Australian road trip success:

Hire a Quality Car

Most importantly of all, is getting the right car. There’s nothing wrong with cheap car rental places, and in fact,m using them will ensure you have more money left for the important stuff, but you should alway thoroughly check over your rental car before accepting it, and ensure that it’s appropriate for the kind of journey you’re doing. If you try to drive a family saloon over rough terrain, for example, it’s not going to be long before you g…

Moving Your Family Overseas? Make it Easy on the Kids

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When you’re planning a move overseas, it’s easy to get preoccupied with the logistics of picking the perfect location, finding a home, and of course moving your life half-ways across the world, However, perhaps the most important consideration you need to make is the impact an overseas move may have on your kids.

To ensure that your kids aren’t too affected by your move, well before the removalists show up, there are a few things you should do. Here are the things that will make an overseas move as easy as possible for your children:

Event Invitation: ENLIST - Job Carnival

I have already reserved 28th of this month to attend the TRAVELOOZA, A travel and tour event, but its a big surprise that there will be another event happening at the same venue, the other one will be a job fair and career orientation.

Read more below on the details of this event…

On September 28, 2017 at Makati Sports Club, Makati, Philippines from 9AM to 5PM, “ENLIST: Job Carnival” will be happening and we are inviting job seekers to join us brought to us by Elabram Systems, Xremo and TAG Media and Public Relations. It is a not just an ordinary job fair, it is the only event that there will be entertainment from Artist League Manila plus career talks with discussion about digital marketing, branding and E- commerce.

This year, were looking to meet thousands of job seekers in the carnival. There will be coaching also to better help young professionals and fresh graduates to find the right job while enjoying the event.

Since the venue is big, we reserve the whole function halls of th…

3rd Asia Digital Marketing Expo presents TRAVELOOZA

**Updated as of September 5, 2017**

3rd Asia Digital Marketing Expo presents TRAVELOOZA- Theme Parks, Zoos, Hospitality, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Resorts, Hotels

We are inviting everyone to join us in the 1st and only event for the whole Tourism Industry with various activities that’s just focus on promoting the Philippines as the premier travel destination. This is the first time that different companies (B2B) will present on stage about their packages, incentives, awards and raffle to 1000 travel agencies and tour operators as audience. 

There will be expert speakers also who will talk about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce and Facebook Marketing. Learn from them this time. 

Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall, There's A Destination For All!


Every season of the year is magical that it can be even more magical if you decide to spend it in one of the most beautiful places in the world. So let's give you four destinations to choose from.

Winter: Norway
Norway is quite popular in the summer, but if you want to make the most of the Aurora Borealis, it's best to go in the winter. But for the people who ask is the Aurora only in winter, that's not the case, but the winter is the best time of year to catch it. It's recommended to go between January and March. But it's not just the Northern Lights that make it magical in winter, you can go skiing and sledding and take part in winter sports.

On A Food Journey? Here Are The Best European Cities For You


Tired of doing the regular tourist activities and visiting landmarks, meeting people and absorbing historical culture? Are your motivations more primal than that? Do you simply want to eat some of the best food in the world, and lots of it? We’re certain in believing that no one could blame you.

Sometimes getting away from our careers on holiday requires taking a load off, and that can also mean evading the standard ‘tourist considerations’ that you have to prepare for. Sometimes, you have to go hard or go home. Sometimes, you have to eat the best and most food available.

Of course, anyone who even has the slightest worldly education will understand that the best food culture, food history, and food extravagance lies in Europe, spread among the cities there. If you’re looking for the best eating, that’s where you’ll have to go. Before you pack your dinner knife and fork, napkins and ice pack to be used after you’ve eaten too much, ensure you check up on the upcoming ETIAS regula…